Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Friends should be bouncy balls not boulders

Let me start off by saying I have been wanting to make a blog for a long time but always felt awkward about anyone seeing my personal business. With age I am starting to learn that it really doesn't matter what other people think of you, its what you think of yourself. Here in the last couple of weeks I have really started to realize who my true friends are and the other people I was just wasting my time on. People make mistakes and when that happens you must say the word SORRY. Not everyone is capable of admitting they are wrong but deep down they know they are. All of us have been in the position that we will hold our ground because we know we are right. However, when the cost of a friendship is at stake, admit fault and if they are your true friends and you might be surprised that they will too. Life is too short to keep facing boulders. Your friends shouldnt be boulders standing their ground no matter what the circumstance. Friendship is about compromises and your friends should be bouncy balls willing to bounce in all different directions to find a common ground.

Taking into account that people have different upbringing's may lead you to make excuses for those people who are still boulders whether they are your friends or family or significant other. After almost 25 years of my life, people know right from wrong. They know how important making the most of this life is and life in all aspects is about compromise. Your work, your home life, your relationship, your parenting.... compromise is key. Without compromise you will NEVER have a healthy and sucessful relationship. We all know that sometimes things dont go as planned, but we have to address those problems head on and move on learning from them. Crack that boulder if its a negative rock in your life. Life is far to short to be wasting precious time always having a hammer in your hand. Drop the hammer, move on, close those doors and open up new ones. Leave that hammer with the boulder because from here on out all your going to need is a clear head.